Administration & Governance

Student Right to Know

In accordance with 34 CFR Part 668, you have the right to know certain information 关于林本顿社区学院包括各种学术信息,财务信息 援助信息,机构信息,完成或毕业信息 rates, institutional security policies and crime statistics, and athletic program participation rates and financial support data.

As part of our compliance with this regulation, we present the links below. This information is revised annually. Should you wish to comment on the presentation or content of the information provided, please contact

Academic Programs
Listed in a variety of printed publications, including our catalog & schedule, also throughout website. See Programs of Study for more information.
Accreditation, Approval or Licensure

林本顿社区学院已获得西北大学委员会的认证 and Universities. Courses are approved by the Oregon State Board of Education, and 低级别的课程可以被批准转到英国的学院和大学 Oregon University System. To review 博天堂官方's accreditation status, contact the President's Office at 541-917-4200.

See Instructional Departments for contact information for individual departments or programs. To review 博天堂官方's accreditation information please see the reports.

Annual Security Report
The Annual Security Report 包括犯罪报告、公共安全事件和公共安全活动统计 主校区有本顿中心、黎巴嫩中心、先进交通技术中心 中心,以及各校区各自的非校园设施和公共毗连区.
Complaint Process (filing a complaint against the college for not following policy and procedures)
You can access our Complaint Process page for information concerning our Student Rights and Responsibilities policy, as well as how to file a complaint.
Copyright Respect, Honesty and Plagiarism

博天堂官方 embraces Excellence. We aspire to the highest ideal with honesty and integrity. 博天堂官方 does not tolerate any form of cheating, dishonesty, fraud, forgery, copyright violations or plagiarism. Students charged and found responsible for violating these 政策将导致严重的后果,从不及格到被开除、停学或开除. 博天堂官方 expects student to maintain honesty and integrity in all work, communications, and interactions. This means that we show respect for the ideas and expressions of others, respecting their right to own their research and their words. Students are expected to do their own work in class. In classes where group work is permitted/encouraged, students are urged to request clear guidance on what work may be done in group and what work is done only by the individual. For a definition of plagiarism and Academic Integrity, please see the Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct document.

Additional information can be found in our Board Policies and Administrative Rules.

Completion, Graduation and Transfer Out Rates

For general information, visit our Fast Facts page. For our student success model (and related data), visit The Big Four.

Disability, Accommodations, Accessibility and Inclusiveness

博天堂官方 embraces diversity and places the highest value on Inclusiveness. We believe students should have an equal opportunity to a quality educational experience. Students who have a disability or unique learning or access need are encouraged to work with our team in the Center For Accessibility Resources (CFAR). This team will help you plan for access and accommodations to all locations, services, and activities of the college.

学生有资格在每节课上使用他们批准的住宿(传统住宿) lecture, online, Community Education sponsored, etc.), lab, clinical/field experience, club/co-curricular/student life activity, play, Cooperative Work Experience, Learn and Earn, Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Accelerated Short Term Training classes held at, or sponsored by, any Linn-Benton Community College campus.

For more information on CFAR and accommodations, visit the CFAR site to start an accommodation plan and click How to Get Started.

Discrimination and Harassment

博天堂官方 values Inclusiveness. Every student is entitled to an education free of unlawful harassment or discrimination. Information about Special Needs or Accommodations, our 不歧视综合声明,以及有关歧视/骚扰的信息 Complaints can be found at our Equal Opportunity/Statement of Nondiscrimination page.

当另一个人的行为有非法骚扰或歧视的影响 至于你,我们敦促你要么直接解决这个问题,要么通过电话报告这个问题 our report and complaint process.

Drug- and Alcohol-Free Program
林本顿社区学院在法律上和道德上都致力于预防 of illegal drug use and the abuse of alcohol by both students and employees. Drug and alcohol abuse is a significant public health problem which has spread throughout our society, affecting performance and productivity, as well as our level of general health. In addition, the use of drugs can adversely affect an organization's level of safety as well as its public confidence and trust. And lastly, with reference to "The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989 (Public Law 101-226)," "...No institution of higher education shall be eligible to receive funds or any other form of financial assistance under any Federal program, including participation in any federally funded or guaranteed student loan program, unless it certifies to the Secretary that it has adopted and has implemented a program to prevent the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol by students and employees..." For more information please visit the Drug Free page.
Employee Sanctions

The College encourages employees who use illegal drugs or who abuse alcohol to seek appropriate assistance. Employees and/or dependents enrolled in any 博天堂官方 sponsored 根据规定,团体健康计划可获得药物和酒精滥用治疗津贴 by Oregon statutes.

As outlined in Administrative Rule 6135-01 - Drug-Free Workplace, the college reserves the right to request drug or alcohol 测试是否有合理的怀疑,员工可能使用或低于 the influence of drugs and/or alcohol while on the job. In addition, any employee 参与或以其他方式造成与工作有关的事故,造成人身伤害的 发给雇员、学生、职员或其他需要医生治疗的人 或由医院/诊所医务人员,其行为可能导致或促成 到事故发生后,可能需要立即进行酒精和/或药物测试 the accident or at the time of initial treatment by a medical care facility. Any employee 参与或以其他方式造成事故,导致博天堂官方认为严重的事故 damage to 博天堂官方 property or to another's property while the employee is conducting College business may be required to take an alcohol and/or drug test. Also, "near miss" incidents, where there is no personal or physical damage or injuries may be evaluated and 博天堂官方 will make a determination as to whether or not to test for drugs or alcohol for any or all employees involved.

Based on the facts leading to the discovery of a violation of this administrative 规则,员工可能会被转介到员工援助计划进行进一步评估 和处理和/或可能面临纪律处分,包括停职(没有) pay) or discharge. The nature and severity of the violation will determine the level of corrective action. As required by federal law, the College reserves the right to refer employees for prosecution depending on the severity of the violation.

Linn-Benton Community College responds to cases of alcohol abuse and illegal drug activity by employees or students on a case-by-case basis. Details of each case are 与针对个人的任何法律行动的结果一起考虑. Employees and students found to be in violation of the College’s drug-free campus and workplace policy may be subject to conduct or disciplinary sanctions consistent 与林本顿社区学院的行政规则和学生的权利,责任 and Conduct document. Sanctions imposed by the College can range from a warning or 纪律处分,包括终止雇佣或停职 school. 其他潜在的制裁可能包括雇佣或留校察看、限制、 attendance in an educational program, or referral to counseling or treatment. 博天堂官方 违反毒品法律的雇员和学生将受到法庭的起诉. 此外,法律要求学院向美国部门报告 of Education any recipient of federal financial aid (e.g., Pell Grants, etc.) who is convicted of a drug-related crime on College property or at College events.

Employee Standards of Conduct

Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on campus or at college-related functions except 因为它们与教学/学习过程有关,或者是特别允许和批准的 by Administrative Rule 5045-01 - Use of College Facilities and Food/Conference Services establishes guidelines for use of campus facilities by college and outside groups.).

The Board of Education seeks to ensure compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (Public Law 101-226). It is also the goal of the board that the college intentionally promotes 为学生提供最高质量的教育体验 performance is not impeded by the use of drugs or alcohol.

博天堂官方 specifically prohibits the use, distribution or possession of alcohol, illegal 二在校执行职务期间吸食毒品或其他未经授权管制之物品者 (including parking areas and grounds). This prohibition includes the use of such substances 在非工作时间(如个人用餐/休息时间)或其他表演期间 他们的工作地点远离校园,如果这样的使用可能导致工作障碍.

This prohibition also applies to employees traveling over-night for college related 可能被要求或负责学生相关服务的功能,如损伤 may inhibit service quality and may cause potential liability under the college's liability and worker's compensation insurance policies. Included within this prohibition are lawful controlled substances which have been illegally or improperly obtained.

所有员工和/或赞助商的任何校园或大学赞助的活动或社会 event at which alcoholic beverages are served must abide by all applicable laws. Sponsors must obtain and follow applicable procedures.

Equal Opportunity/Statement of Nondiscrimination
You can access our Equal Opportunity/Statement of Nondiscrimination page 有关特殊需要或住宿要求的信息,请访问博天堂官方综合 Statement of Nondiscrimination, Discrimination/Harassment Complaints, and Contacts in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Our facilities are described in a variety of publications, including our catalog & schedule. Some programs describe specific facilities in Programs of Study. You may also see the Campus Maps.

Use of 博天堂官方 facilities is governed by Administrative Rules 5045-01 - Use of College Facilities and Food/Conference Services, 5045-02 - Smoking / Vaping / Use of Tobacco and 5045-03 - Use of College-Owned, Rented, or Personally Owned Equipment.

Listed in the back of our catalog. Some faculty have websites in the Faculty Pages area.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Rights

列在各种印刷出版物上,包括“进入大学”部分 of our catalog and "miscellaneous policies" section of schedule.

根据《博天堂官方》,博天堂官方认为 following to be directory, therefore public, information: student's name, address and telephone listing; major field of study; participation in officially recognized activities and sports; weight and height of athletic team members; dates of enrollment; enrollment status; school or division of enrollment; and degrees and awards received.

If you do not want the above information released by the college, you must file a Directory Deletion form at the Registration Office by the time you register. Information 除非在俄勒冈州行政法规允许的范围内才会被公布 without consent (for example, in cases of a federal audit).

Look for Student Records and Disclosure of Student Records information in our 学生服务组校董会政策及行政规则(7000系列), Board Policy 7040 and Administrative Rule 7040-01.

Financial Aid Programs

Financial Aid main page.

Refund Policy
列在各种印刷出版物,包括我们的目录和时间表,也 see Administrative Rule 7050-04.

Title IV Repayment Policy
列在各种印刷出版物,包括我们的目录和时间表,也 posted online on our Financial Aid website at the bottom of the Repayment of Federal Financial Aid page.

Terms & Conditions for Student Loan Deferral
Please contact Admissions for more information.

Freedom of Expression
博天堂官方和博天堂官方教育委员会认为言论自由至关重要 to the fulfillment of our mission, values, and goals. For more information go to the Freedom of Expression page.
Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

See the Frequently Asked Questions, Academic Standards section of our Financial Aid website for policies related to Financial Aid.

For Academic Standing for 博天堂官方, see Administrative Rule 4020-11.

Sex Offender Information

一份在校生或受雇于林本顿的在册性犯罪者名单 Community College is maintained by the Public Safety Office (RCH 119). This list incorporates registered sex offenders with Oregon State Police and who are under the supervision of an OR county Parole and Probation office.

For information concerning convicted sex offenders living in Linn County, contact Linn County Parole and Probation at (541) 967-2005 and ask to speak with a member of the Sex Offender Supervision Unit or view the Linn County Homefacts web page. The Benton County Sheriff's Office can be reached at (541) 766-6887 or view a list at the Benton County Homefacts web page. Additionally a national website by the US Department of Justice is available for a sex offender search. A listing of predatory registered sex offenders in Oregon can be found at the State of Oregon Sex Offender web site.

Sex offender information can be obtained from the Oregon State Police through their sex offender registration unit at 503-934-1258.

Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct Policy and Community Standards

博天堂官方社区标准以我们的价值观为中心:机会,卓越,包容, Learning, Engagement. All students are expected to read, know and fulfill the expectations set out in the policy at Students' Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct page.

Students are expected to know both their rights and their responsibilities. As adults 在成人学习社区中,学生被期望解决人际冲突 through healthy, direct conversation and are expected to report unresolved, serious matters to the College, as noted under Complaints.

Threat Assessment Team

如果你认为你目睹或听说过构成威胁的严重行为 to the health and safety of persons on any 博天堂官方 campus or event site, please report to Public Safety or to the Associate Dean, Student Development, using our complaint link.

博天堂官方有一个威胁评估小组,评估行为以确定一个人是否 by choices and behaviors is putting others in danger. Often when we are learning, we experience uncomfortable situations. When uncomfortable becomes unsafe, we should 开始制定安全计划并通知学院官员,以便我们进行查询 or investigate.

We will also accept public reports in person at the Public Safety office. You will be asked to describe everything you know, what you saw, what you heard, focusing on behaviors to help us begin our investigation.

Title IX: Sexual Harassment, Dating Violence, Partner Violence, Stalking
Title IX page 有关性骚扰、约会暴力、伴侣暴力和跟踪的信息, as well as Title IX brochures in Spanish and English.
博天堂官方 does not have any overall vaccination requirements. There are some specific programs that require vaccinations. Refer to your program of study for admission requirements.
Withdrawal Policy

博天堂官方 permits a student to withdraw voluntarily up to a certain time each term. 博天堂官方 also has an Involuntary Withdrawal policy (see Administrative Rule 7035-03). Please refer to Administrative Rule 7075-07 and to our 博天堂官方 College Catalog for information on dropping or withdrawing. Or speak to a Registration clerk in Takena Hall.

Withdrawal Process
Students seeking to withdraw from all courses at 博天堂官方 can do so online through WebRunner, or by visiting a registration counter at the 博天堂官方 main campus in Albany or at a center.